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Sam Woodford has had a keen musical ear his whole life. His musical education started at the Junior Conservatoire of the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. He quickly progressed in his studies, eventually moving to Manchester to study at the prestigious Chethams School of Music. He completed his Undergraduate Degree at the Royal College of Music, in London, and moved onto his Masters Degree at the University of South Wales, where he studied Music Production and Songwriting. 


Sam is a talented mixing engineer who specialises in a very clean, but also big sound. Being a producer and media composer himself, he has achieved a broad understanding of many different genres of music. This gives him a versatile approach to mixing and allows the use of a wide range of techniques regardless of genre. Whilst Sam enjoys working on all types of music, his favourite are EDM, Classical, Cinematic and Rock.

Martin Løken Jørgensen’s life has been centred around music since he was a young boy. At age 7, he took saxophone lessons, and in his teen years, he started recording music and producing songs digitally. In 2014, he enrolled in Noroff School of Technology and Digital Media, studying Audio and Music Production. In 2016, he moved to Cardiff to complete his Bachelor’s degree in Popular Music at University of South Wales, and later enrolled in his master’s degree in Songwriting and Production.


Martin specialises in a clean and evocative mix. Studying popular music for a number of years, as well as being a songwriter, composer and producer himself, has allowed Martin to be able to work effectively as a mix engineer in a large number of music genres. His favourite genres tend towards the side of Hip Hop, R&B, as well as Indie, but he enjoys working in any genre.